SaxiKatt Norwegian Forest Cattery

About Us

We are probably best described as the mad cat folk in the valley! Well at least that is out in the open!

Both of us are qualified adult and sick children’s nurses. John is currently still in practice however I have moved into the dark side of NHS IT management.

We both have kept a variety of pets, however cats have always been the cornerstone of my life. I have kept cats for over fifty years and I am still surprised by them. Our last two cats lived well into their 20s and after a short period of mourning we started to build a collection of mostly Norwegian Forest Cats. We have rescued some moggies from irresponsible owners and three from an elderly gentleman whose Alzheimer’s became too progressed to allow him to safely look after them. So, overall, we have a happy, furry, slightly mad household.

About Our Norwegian Forest Cats.

We started off with three purchased locally that were clearly either crossbreeds or cats not part of a breeding programme. We call these our Norwegian Lites. However, they had enough of the ‘personality’ and phenotype to pique our interest. As a consequence, we have purchased a number of full pedigree Norwegian cats.

Our Ethos – Evidence Based Practice.!

Over the last half a century I thought I had learned a significant amount of how to care for a cat. Not so when you bring pregnancy and litter care into the picture. Luckily I was supported by the practice of a small group of passionate breeders. They gave me a significant leg up the knowledge tree. From there I was also lucky enough to partner with some excellent and committed vets who helped support my quest for knowledge. Since my days as a nurse I was never satisfied with the care I provided. I was always reading the latest research and written text hoping it would provide answers to: – Should I always do this? Does this benefit the cats or kittens? Can I do what I do better? Should I use this? Now there is some ‘spurious’ research out there but also some gems. Like medical and nursing care, veterinary and breeder care must constantly question itself and move with the changes i.e. evidence based practice

The Breeding Programme

We are both committed to supporting all the breeders round the world that are striving to maintain the traditional Norwegian Forest Cat. This means that every pairing of male and female is mapped out beforehand to ensure the kittens grow up to be healthy, happy, and fine specimens of the sanctioned breed description.

Unfortunately, the breed description is currently being challenged by some ‘cat show judges’ who feel that they have the right to impose their personal views on how the breed should look. This is changing fundamental aspects of the Norwegian Forest Cat such as the overall size, placement and size of ears, eye shape. Because of this although SaxiKatt cattery have a number of individuals highly suitable to show we will not attend them due to these changes being forced onto the breed. If you are wishing to purchase a kitten from any breeder please ensure that they don’t only provide you with the pedigree of the kitten but have a breeding programme or philosophy of what they are trying to achieve.