So You Want A Kitten?

Thank you for your interest in our kittens. First and foremost, every cat and kitten is our pet and we love them. We need them to go to a good home, so please forgive any questions we may ask of you as we will certainly expect and respect the same from you.

We also expect you to find the breeder that suits you. There are a number of us about and we all believe that we do things the best way. Come visit us. Play with our older cats and see how we operate. If you are happy with us that’s great. If not visit another breeder. When you take on your kitten your first important relationship is with your breeder and the second with your vet.

Terms and Conditions

 Introduction – Rather than ‘torture’ you with endless questions I prefer to state my terms from the outset. This means you know what my expectations are if I sell you a kitten or indeed if you join the waiting list. Hopefully this provides you with what you need to know. I am always happy to answer any questions

About Us – SaxiKatt is a Norwegian Forest cattery recognised and certified by FIFe. All our parent cats are certified pedigree Norwegian cats that have ancestry bloods to show that they are free from genetic disease. All paperwork is available at visit to review. Many of my cats are directly linked to Champions and Grand Champions.

We have kittens throughout the year. They are first offered to people on our waiting list which generally stands at between 20 and 50 people. Don’t be disheartened as many of them are looking for a particular coat type, colour and / or sex.

We do not sell kittens for breeding purposes other to experienced breeders who we know.

About You – You need not be an expert on Norwegian Forest cats, but it is always great if you know a bit about the breed as they do have some differences to many cats. They tend to be large cats, are very intelligent and have some dog like traits. My website does have a lot of information to help you get to know your kitten before they arrive.

Its important for you to realise that like all pets the money does not only go on feeding but you have to factor in vet visits to maintain health and the cost of any treatment. Pet insurance is a good way to offset some of these expenses.

Your Home – Our kittens must be either house cats or have access to a secure garden. We may extend this for truly isolated housing. Forest cats naturally have large territories and therefore can easily get lost. They are a large breed that makes them very attractive to thieves – sadly often for the training of fighting dogs. They love to climb and are prodigious jumpers. A 2metre fence will not keep a forest cat in your garden for very long. I am happy to advise about cat proofing gardens.

Forest cats love children.

Cost – We are raising the price of our kittens for the first time in over three years. We refused to take advantage of people during the pandemic. However as we feed the best food available the cost of this as well as cat litter has risen. So our kittens cost £750 in total. This is made up of £150 deposit / reservation and £600 balance payable on the day of the collection. Once you pay your deposit the cost of your kitten is frozen at that point in time. A deposit is a form of contract, and your receipt clearly states what you have paid and what you will still owe at collection. Please ask for a quote for overseas however we do not export kittens on long haul or at any time where our kitten(s) would be treated as cargo. We just don’t think it is acceptable and humane treatment.

How Our Waiting List Works? – The usual process is that kittens are released to people on the waiting list first at age 3-6 weeks. This release is on a first come first served basis. You get to see the pictures of the kittens in a litter. If you like one you let me know and I send you some more pictures. If you are still happy you pay the deposit on the little darling and receive a receipt. Please note that visiting is starting again so you may want to visit us to see the kitten first. I place the kitten on a reservation list at this point however I can only reserve a kitten for a few    days before it will go to the first person wanting to place a deposit on it

You will get photographs and news of their development.

About 2-4 weeks before pick up you will get an advisory email offering you some dates and time frames for collection. In this email there will be info about their favourite food and cat litter etc. There are also some information sheets.

You pay your balance on the morning of pick up.

Your Kitten – Your new kitten will come to you normally aged between 14 and 16 weeks.

All our kittens are socialised, neutered, litter trained, microchipped, fully vaccinated (please see the statement below), treated for fleas and worms, vet checked and with five free weeks of insurance.

You will receive your pedigree at the time of pick up or shortly afterwards.

What is a breeder: –

  • Will allow you to see the kitten where it has been raised, both parents and the condition of all their cats
  • Loves their animals and they love them back (always go to see them). See the interactions. It is always better that the cats live in the house with the breeder (other than the studs). However watch the interplay between the stud and the breeder. They may be outside but should be used to getting lots of love
  • Check that stud pens are heated.
  • Provides a clean, airy environment
  • Can tell you about the diet
  • Knows their cats
  • Vaccinates against FELV and the other standard infectious diseases.
  • We also vaccinate against Chlamydophila when available
  • Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP), a fatal disease in cats, is a mutation of feline coronavirus. Many cats have coronavirus but very few go on to get FIP. However be aware of any breeder who states they are FIP Free. This is not true as there is no test for FIP! Consider why they may be making such a statement.
  • Will be contactable for the life of your pet and beyond in many cases
  • Will test or can provide proof for the genetic diseases namely GSD4 (Glycogen Storage Disease) and PK Def (Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency)?
  • Micro-chips all their kittens
  • Will provide 5weeks insurance cover

Do take care if you decide to purchase a kitten from newspaper adverts and especially from internet sale sites such as Pets 4 Homes and Gumtree. Although there are genuine breeders who use these sites they are also populated by unscrupulous breeders.

Basic kitten checks: –

  • Are the kitten’s eyes, nose and ears clean?
  • Do they have black wax in their ears?
  • Do they scratch themselves or their ears frequently?
  • Are there bottoms clean?
  • Do they have any flea dirt in their coats?
  • Do they have clean healthy mouths and gums?
  • Do they have red sore patches on their tongues?
  • Are they sneezing a lot?
  • Do they cough?
  • Do they have sore eyes?
  • Do they have Diarrhoea?
  • Do their tummies look round and bloated?
  • Do they feel too thin?
  • Feel under their throats for enlarged lymph glands.
  • Are their coats nice and clean and free from knots and tangles?
  • Do they have any fur missing or red sore patches?