New Kitten Photographs – Updated Sunday 19th September 2022

(We are situated in Waterfoot, Rossendale in Lancashire, UK.)

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Returned to available…

  • Sire Onyx SaxiKatt / Dam Aesa Saxikatt
  • DoB 12/05/2022

Sekskant, Female, Black Tortie and White, AVAILABLE NOW

Sneaky Pete.

   IMG_0753 (002)

More fluffies on their way in September 2022.

Shelley B’s Autumn Litter

  • Sire Samr av Norgeskaukatt / Dam Norgeskaukatt Ashildr
  • DoB 09/09/2022
  • A black self and brown tabbies. Boys and Girls

Shelley B’s Autumn Litter

  • Sire Artai Donalbai / Dam Kjetill SaxiKatt
  • DoB 15/09/2022
  • A black self, black tabby and whites. Boys and Girls

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