New Kitten Photographs – Updated Tuesday 21 May 2022

(We are situated in Waterfoot, Rossendale in Lancashire, United Kingdom.)

Karamel’s Spring Litter

  • Sire – Onyx SaxiKatt
  • Dam – Karamel SaxiKatt
  • DoB – 04 03 2022

Kjaeresten, Male, Blue & White, NFO a 09, AVAILABLE – pictures updated

Flottekaramel, Male, Cream & White, NFO e 09, SOLD

Tygge, Female, Blue Tortie & White, NFO g 09, AVAILABLE

Smor, Male, Cream, NFO e, SOLD

Magnus SaxiKatt*GB

This is Magnus. He has come back to us as an unwanted pet. He is a beautiful big silver tabby boy aged 3.5years (born 29 November 2018). He is a loving boy but his heart is being outside with room to get around. He needs to be in a home with less cats than we have. He also is a prodigious hunter (mice, voles, pheasant and hare to name a few). He is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. If you think you could give him a home please get in touch.

Lyte’s Spring Litter

  • Sire – Red Velvet Bolboreta Forest
  • Dam – Lyte SaxiKatt
  • DoB – 22 02 2022

Asurbia, Male, Blue, NFO a, SOLD

Kobalt, Male, Blue, NFO a, SOLD

Regnbue, Female, Blue Smoke Tortie, NFO gs, REMAINS AT SAXIKATT

Sot, Femal, Black Tortie, NFO f, SOLD

CK’s Spring Litter

  • Sire – Artai Donalbai
  • Dam – Norgeskaukatt Kjaerligkatt
  • DoB – 07 02 2022

Sandholdig, Female, Black & White NFO n 09, SOLD

Skree, Male. Silver Mackerel Tabby & White NFO ns 09, SOLD

Grus, Male, Black & White NFO n 09, SOLD

Stein, Male, Silver Mackerel Tabby & White NFO ns 09, SOLD

Sneaky Pete.

   IMG_0753 (002)

More fluffies on their way in May 2022.

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