Kittens For Sale New Photos Thursday 28th May 2020

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  • Available = can be purchased with a deposit
  • Under Review = breeder reserving to see if the kitten has breeding potential may go on sale later. Waiting list for anyone interested
  • Sold = deposit received
  • Reserved Until **/**/**** = on hold for a decision by a customer on the waiting list. After the date the kitten will either be sold or available

Safi’s Litter – one beautiful boy back on sale

Dob 03/03/2020. 
Ready for their new home on or after 04 June 2020
Sire – SaxiKatt Eyvind
Dam – SaxiKatt Bla Safir

SaxiKatt Jafnharr, Black Tabby & White, n 09 22, Male – Reserved until 31/05/2020

Sunni’s Litter

Dob 28/04/2020. 
Ready for their new home July 2020
Sire – SaxiKatt Eyvind
Dam – Lunaraine Sunnifa

SaxiKatt Hanne, Black tortie, NFO f, female – Available

SaxiKatt Truda, Black tortie, NFO f, female –


SaxiKatt Gojenta-Mi, Blue tortie, NFO g, female – Reserved until 31/05/2020

SaxiKatt Hardanger, Blue tabby, NFO a 22, male – Reserved until 31/05/2020

SaxiKatt Haeringr, Blue tabby, NFO a 22, male

– Reserved until 31/05/2020

Purdy’s Litter – Week 1

Dob 29/04/2020. 
Ready for their new home July 2020
Sire – SaxiKatt Eyvind
Dam –  Dracarys Prudr

SaxiKatt Bul, Cream tabby, NFO e 22, Male

– Reserved until 31/05/2020


SaxiKatt Egil, Cream & white tabby, NFO e 09 22, Male – Under Review



SaxiKatt Espen, Cream & white tabby,

NFO e 09 22, Male Under Review



SaxiKatt Gunnar, Cream tabby, NFO e 22, Male – Available

SaxiKatt Drifa, Blue Tortie & White, NFO g 09, Female – Reserved until 31/05/2020

SaxiKatt Lars, Blue tabby, NFO a 22, Male

– Reserved until 31/05/2020


Sneaky Pete.   IMG_0753 (002)

Next litter Early June. Should have some huge cuddly whites, fingers crossed



Terms and Conditions

  • The cost of securing a kitten is £150 sterling which is non-refundable. Kittens to go outside of the UK must pay £300 deposit to cover the cost of the rabies shot and the pet passport.
  • We look for appropriate owners who show a lifetime commitment to the kittens and a kitten contract is agreed and signed.  Should Owners no longer want their kittens they will not  get a refund. Our kittens are not sold on a “try and see” basis. The only exception to this will be if a kitten has a serious health issue which is proven by a Vet letter and this is covered in our kitten contract, in the rare circumstances that this may happen  we will offer you another kitten.
  • Our kittens will be registered or declared with FIFe.
  • Kittens have preventative treatment for endo and ecto parasites.
  • Kittens will be given a thorough health check by our veterinary surgeon who will then issue a Veterinary Health Certificate.
  • They are fully litter trained and well socialised
  • Our vet will assess each kitten and statement them well and suitable for sale and travel.
  • They are fully vaccinated, micro-chipped and insured for 4 weeks.
  • Breeding/show cats are accompanied with FIFe registration documentation and transfer of ownership.
  • All kittens have a 5 generation pedigree.
  • All kitten owners are expected to sign a contract with us to agree their future welfare and to promote responsible ownership (this contract is based on the GCCF contract).
  • We provide a full back up service for support and advice for the duration of the kittens lives.
  • We promote responsible breeding and kitten ownership.
  • All breeders with Cats at other catteries from Norgeskaukatt or SaxiKatt bloodlines are registered with the GCCF or Felis Britannica (FIFe) , this is one of our conditions of sale.
  • Should any of our kitten owners have a change of circumstances whereby they can no longer provide for the kitten/cat then we ask for the kitten / cat to be returned to us.
  • We will not allow for any of our kittens to be resold or re-homed and certainly not go to a rescue establishment.
  • All kittens sold as pets will be either declared or in the case of wanting to show registered on the non-active register which means that no progeny will be registered. Registration documents are sent once their neutering certificates have been received by us.
  • WE do not sell our kittens with an option of breeding from them unless they specifically sold for this purpose.

Adapted with the kind permission of Norgeskaukatt Cattery