Owner Feedback

Some of the lovely feedback we get back from our kitten owners. Thank You!

To be honest, James, I really have to tell you that I could never have imagined just how much Himself has genuinely enhanced my life.  Yes, of course he’s beautiful to look at… but, while I’ve known some likeable cats in my time, my little (not so little now) Klovíčko (yes, he has gained a Czech pet-name…) is just an utter delight: he’s just so affectionate / loving and just bloody nice company!  He’s even worked out how, for example, to ascertain with a fair degree of accuracy when I’m beginning to wake up, so that he can, with his little chirpy squeak, hop up for our morning cuddle without actually disturbing me too early…  Nothing to do with feeding: that can wait until I feel like getting up…!

Seriously, in personality terms I don’t think a cat could be more delightful.  Touching wood, he’s in good health, and enjoying living in Hebden.  

In short, I’m essentially in love with my cat!

By the way, thanks again for the tip about not using catteries but finding a nice cat-sitter – I have done exactly that, and it’s worked really well, helped by Clovis’s sociable and outgoing nature.   The only problem is that said catsitters almost invariably want to take him home with them… 😉

Oh, and thanks too for the food tips – I must admit, I haven’t yet experimented with the raw food – though I probably will in due course.  That’s simply because I’ve found a mix that Himself seems to be happy with and, well, if it ain’t broke…

I do hope you’re keeping well, and Saxikatt is continuing to make the world a slightly nicer place by adding more such deeply splendid creatures to its population!

Best wishes… and THANK YOU!!!

Well, we’ve had him a year, and he gets bigger and more energetic  every day; a beautiful happy  boy!

Tomorrow it’s exactly one year that Alf adopted us and what a year…!

– She has been twice in Wales on a narrow boat

– She had been twice to Italy traveling by car

– She had obtained the Italian passport ( yes, since none recognises the uk pet passport, Alf is now registered with the Italian pets’ registry and has an European passport!)

– She celebrated her birthday on the dolomites experiencing real snow and forests ( probably like her ancestors?)

– she becomes a local celebrity!!

– she also went to a couple of pubs in uk being served water

It’s been a year full of emotions and the vet had become my new best friend, lol

At 8 kg, Alf is part of the family.

Despite her bossy character, her endless stubborness, her frequent whims, her inability to learn how doors open, and the countless loud meaowimg at 5.30am…

I cannot remember when was the last time i slept over 7.15 but i would not give her up.

So… Thank you James for allowing this first year and for all the hot this ball of fur brings into our life!

He’s a credit to Saxikatt! He’ll eat anything given the chance 😳

Young Frodo is now a year old, and he has been an absolute pleasure ever since we picked him up! He gets along great with Alba, although I am certain he wants more snuggles than she gives him so far! 

He’s got quite the personality, and is becoming very talkative! He’s obsessed with the bathtub, and honestly any running water – although the waves at the beach did freak him out a little bit!  He is still learning to use soft paws when playing, as ***** has asbestos hands and doesn’t mind the biting and scratching as much as everyone else. He has several favourite nooks and crannies around the house (including the bottom shelf of the kitchen island, as you’ll see!) 

He is very food motivated, so we have been teaching him a few tricks; he’ll sit on command, and is currently mastering “up” and “off”, which comes in quite handy when he decides he wants to roam the dining table as people are eating! 

He loves snuggling under the covers, although he has been known to attack a twitching toe, and absolutely loves being carried, be it in his catpack, or in someone’s arms! He actually jumps in to his catpack on his own when we start packing up to go for a long hike, and waits for someone to carry him off 😂

He’s been on several adventures already this year, from a day out in the woods near London and ending up sitting at the table in the pub as all the waitresses gushed over him, to a holiday in the Cotswolds, where a penguin scared him, and he was completely undaunted by a clouded leopard. He’s also been to the beach in Essex, where his favourite part was climbing all over a tree that had fallen down the cliff! 

The long and the short of it is, we wouldn’t trade him for the world! 

Thank you again for allowing us to have him, and we wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

Thank you so much for our gorgeous rascals Hidd-Dropnir and Olga. We really appreciate what fantastic breeders you are band couldn’t have wished for any better.

Our two gorgeous kittens are amazing. They settled in immediately and are very friendly and fully litter trained. They are curious little rascals and love playing and exploring any space they can find. When they’re not bouncing about, they love cuddles, a good belly rub and keep me company while I work. We cannot thank you enough for such great kittens with lovely soft temperaments. A credit to you as breeders, thank you for all your care and support. Highly recommend you.

Hi James. Quick update. Settled in wonderfully Beautiful temperament, absolutely no aggression.  Very considerate when climbing on you -( only extends it claws enough to get grip)Un phased by vacuum, sudden bangs if something falls etc Absolute “lap cat” Not at all fussy with food – will eat ours if it can get at it 😁🙄 Total credit to you and your breeding 

No issues with the travel at all and she has already explored the flat and made herself comfortable in no time and it’s now playing with a ball and exploring every single corner. Thank you for raising her to be such an incredibly behaved and friendly kitten. Pictures to follow! Just wanted to share how happy we are and that all we’ve well

Settling in very nicely! These kittens are truly a credit to you, I’ve never met a kitten that’s so loving and friendly. Thanks so much for doing a great job.

New addition to the family FLOKI, anyone wants a proper pedigree cat contact @bates.james. No words can describe the quality and breed of his norwegian forest cats. Bets boy by far. Amazing breeder. Couldn’t recommend him enough.

We are so happy to have these wonderful friends. They are so affectionate to us and each other, they follow each other around like shadows. They are growing well, I think. Ragnar is 5.4kgs. Ina is 3.3kgs.

Not sure if you remember me I got a black smoke kitten of you you named him thyri his brother was Eric I noticed you still have him he’s beautiful, noticed on your website you have a gallery so thought I’d send you a recent pic of Royk like to thank you if it wasn’t for you guys I wouldn’t have got my baby he’s adorable I love him so much 

Hi James,  just to let you know that A had a good  journey back to ours yesterday. He did get a little fidgety the last 10 minutes, but was fine. At first he explored the kitchen and hid behind the sofa, but it didn’t take him long to find his tray, food and water. He had a play and when  we  put him in the  kitchen  at bedtime he found his bed straight away. No  problems over night.  He’s  eating and drinking  well today. He’s playing a lot and sleeping  a lot. Cuddles up to both of us. Seems to think I’m a cat as he plays and snuggles with  my hair and sticks his nose down my ear! He  loves C’s slippers – must be mad! He cries when we leave the  room, didn’t like Colin going to work this morning. He is so wonderful, we  love him to bits. He’s so affectionate and loving, first of many purrs was this morning . It shows how brilliantly you have both brought  him up. You  should be  very  proud of yourselves! A is a treasured addition to our family, can’t wait for Ina to join us! Will send you some photos later and keep you updated. With very many thanks for our lovely little  prince (and  boy doesn’t  he know he is!). Petrina and Colin x

Just to let you know that SaxiKatt H has settled in really well! He’s adorable and I couldn’t have asked for a more lovely and perfect kitten! Thank you! X

Hi James just a quick thank you. F has been more than a pet. She is the only thing I can hug these days. Every time I come back home from a shift she comes straight to me for cuddles. It has been hard but I have love waiting for me at home in a shape of a Norwegian forest cat. Thank you for F Please take care and be safe

Hello, I’m sure you have had an emotionally exhausting weekend….I just wanted to thank you both so much and to let you know that R (we have called her M) has captured our hearts…. She is so confident, affectionate and absolutely stunningly beautiful….I can’t even put into words how we feel, I will forward a few pics

Nearly a week and B is settling in really well and bonding well with F (our other NFC) and C (the Tonkinese). He has just started eating with the others, although we have to make sure C & F don’t hoover up his kitten food too! He has now found the cat tree in the utility room and you can see his confidence has really improved over the last day or so. Favourite toy: scrunched up balls of tissue paper. He loves his igloo and has been having his regular cat naps in there. All in all, he’s a happy little chappy!

One year in and we cannot thank you enough. A and F are the perfect companions for us and the kids. Playful, loving and tearaway rascals all at the same time. We are moving house over the next few months and we will be back for another pair. Well it is my fortieth!

Hi Jim – i hope you’re well, Thought you might appreciate some pics of Marla now she’s 6 months old. She’s settled in VERY well and there’s absolutely no sign of the initial shyness now (in fact she’s turning out to be a complete nutter!) Thanks for your excellent service & advice.

Hi (A) P had a good journey home, came straight out of the travel cage no hesitation she’s met everyone even one of my cats Millie and the dog and went really well, she has bags of confidence and seem comfortable she’s  laying down snuggled in to me in bed, she’s used the litter tray but hasn’t eaten anything yet wonder if that cos there’s been lots of changes for her today I will keep u posted

Thought I’d just send you a few photos to let you know he’s settled in very well. He’s very much made himself at home and is well and truly part of the family already. We’ve named him ‘M’. He is absolutely gorgeous and is behaving himself very well so far. We are all smitten with him. I will send you some more photos over the coming weeks to let you know how he’s doing.

We know you care – it was written all over your faces last night and John cuddling H they way he did is something I’ll never forget 🙂 It was hard for us to hear about K’s mum looking for him, but we know if we hadn’t taken him, someone else would have, and we absolutely love them.both. S is so taken with H’s character and the rich chocolate of J B’s coat – she joking said she wanted to name him ‘Bournville’ 😄 We can’t thank you enough for our lovely new friends – they’re an absolute credit to your caring nature.

Just to let you know that S aka R is settling in really well. He is such a wee character and has a lovely temperament. He wasn’t too sure of our dog at first but he is now trying to steal M’s food when he is being fed. Our other cat, L, didn’t seem too impressed with R’s arrival and there was some hissing. I caught her giving R a wash this morning so I think they’ll get on well in time.

Many thanks to all your care. I have never had a kitten settle so well. He has eaten,, drank and slept and is now best friends with our aged retriever. Not bad for 3 hours.

Your house is so full of love. It shows in that your two kittens we have collected yesterday are so loving. Just likle they have always been here.